André J Fischer - Entertainer - Hartbeespoort

André J Fischer

Classic Jazz Singer/ Trumpeter, Recording Artist

from Hartbeespoort, South Africa

André J Fischer - Entertainer - Hartbeespoort
"Live music for all special occasions and events."

André is a classic jazz and soul singer/ smooth jazz trumpeter, who pays tribute to the greats, performing songs from his EARGASMIC album, Frank Sinatra, Michael Bublé, Chet Baker, Louis Armstrong, Nat King Cole, Ray Charles, jazzy Christmas songs, an Udo Jürgens Show (in German) and so many more wonderful all and old time favourites!


Musical Education

Volkwank Schule Essen

Young Student - Classical Trumpet - Prof. Lodenkämper

In the early days, age 15-18, André was a young student of classical trumpet at the one and only "Hochburg der Bläser, Die Volkwankschule Essen", in Germany. In that time he toured with a youth orchestra through France as solo trumpeter, played bass guitar for Mad Max fronting Whitesnake on their European tour, and gigged with and fronted various cover bands.

Public Events

Christmas Village @ Emperors

23 Nov - 02 Jan 2023 ( 18:00 - 22:00 )

Easter Carnival @ Emperors Palace

(event cancelled)



Hartbeespoort Dam

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